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This is my 2018 7DRL. It was an attempt to translate Arkham [Asylum|City]/Shadows of Mordor style combat into a Roguelike game. I think I largely succeeded.

As always, I didn't get as far as intended: but, I successfully made the core gameplay loop I wanted to - being the quick jumping between enemies combat, with parrying and dodging, in turn based.

There was also a lot of experimentation with using Prefabs which, I think, has lead to reasonable level generation.

The game has a win condition that can be triggered by finding, and killing Zulu.

Playing the game

Lack of time has resulted in lack of reasonable statement on controls. You can use number keypad, vi keys, or arrows. Space or 5 waits/parrys, and . always waits (if you have the option to parry, but don't want to).

Momentum is shown on the left. You gain momentum with successive attacks, and lose it when attacked or when you don't attack.

When you are being attacked, you can dodge in the opposite direction for the cost of 1 momentum. Alternatively, you can parry most attacks for 1 momentum per attacking enemy by 'wait'ing.

Your damage is your momentum (minimum 1).

Source is on github.

Install instructions

Run 'Dark Count (OpenGL).exe' to start.


The Dark Count - 7DRL Edition 5 MB
Version 3 Mar 10, 2018

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