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Jellymancer is a small Roguelike where you play as a sentient Jelly, consuming anything that gets in your way.

It was a 7DRL, so was completed in under a week.

It also has more than 16 minutes of original music! Probably more music than you'll spend playing it!

Source code on https://github.com/lkingsford/jellymancer/


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Jellymancer - 7DRL Edition 15 MB
Jellymancer - OpenGL Cross Platform 22 MB
Jellymancer Official Soundtrack (MP3) 23 MB
Jellymancer Official Soundtrack (OGG).zip 25 MB


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Nice game! This has some interesting mechanics to it. A few suggestions:

* Needs some kind of visual response when you lose health, since there's a distinction between your core and your jelly. Screen shake, flashing the screen red, or something like that would help.

* The first time I played, I appeared in a room in the upper right corner that had no exits. It looks like the level generator tried to create a corridor going south out of the room, because it had two columns of "#" characters leading away from it, but there was no space between them to move my jelly down.

* Cosmetically, it might be fun to let you choose the color of your jelly. And some squishing noises as you move might be satisfying, too.

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Thank you! I agree entirely. I didn't even consider the idea of colour.

I wanted visual and audio response to both - but I didn't get time. I'm hoping to add it in to the 'enhanced' edition over the next couple of weeks. I also really wanted bloopy noises, but again - time.

I like the idea of a screen shake. I think I want to combine it with a bit of goo or something when your Jelly is attacked - as I don't think it's really clear enough yet.

Wish I knew what was up with the generator. I didn't roll my own for this one. I think I'll have a look into a workaround.

Thanks again for your feedback, and for playing!

- L -